Solutions for Healthy Community Builders

Enhance your existing initiatives and see real results.

Whether you are just starting out, or already have initiatives in place to help improve the health of individuals, Total Health Interactive will give you the tools to build an online community that extends your brand's reach. With Total Health Interactive's platform, individuals will be part of an online community that encourages and motivates them to make healthy lifestyle choices with guidance that incorporates your resources.



How it works.


The following describes the typical interaction an individual would have with the wellness platform. While this is the suggested process, each step can be adjusted to meet your needs.



Key Features
Fitness Challenges
Fitness challenges add an element of fun and competition to existing programs and initiatives. With Total Health Interactive, a variety of challenges can be organized to ensure that individuals of all fitness levels can participate. To ensure a high level of participation, prizes can be awarded to the top performing individual and/or team. Choose from a variety of fitness and health challenges including walking, weight loss and calorie-burn challenges.
Incentives and Rewards
With Total Health Interactive, the more people log on and interact with the platform, the more they get rewarded with Health Reward Points. Health Reward Points are collected over time and can be redeemed through the platform's online store. You can populate the store yourself, or use the existing store items. Store items could include: yoga mats, heart rate monitors and gift cards, just to name a few.


Nutrition Log and Guidance
People can log their food intake and see a full calorie breakdown from day to day. Logging food intake is made easy with an extensive food library, as well as the ability to create custom meals. Healthy recipes and healthy eating resources also help employees to stay on the right track.
Fitness Log and Guidance
In addition to tracking food consumption, people can track how many calories they burn each day by logging their physical activity. Total Health Interactive has a library of exercise videos available to demonstrate how to exercise properly and safely. See 'Hardware Integration' for more information on how Total Health Interactive makes fitness logging a breeze.


Hardware Integration
Total Health Interactive has the ability to sync with various devices including Omron, FitBit and Polar heart rate monitors. The benefits of hardware integration are two fold. First, the verifiable data it generates allow you to confidently report the positive impact your initiatives have had on the health of individuals. Second, the hardware integration also makes it quick and easy for employees to log their exercise.


Personalized Programs


Total Health Interactive gives people personalized health guidance based on their existing health profile. Health risk assessments, genetic testing and biometric screening are all great ways for individuals to evaluate their current health. Based on that assessment, Total Health Interactive recommends programs that will give each individual customized guidance based on their needs.

One-on-One Coaching


Individuals may wish to receive additional guidance and support from a trained coach or personal trainer. Total Health Interactive gives people the ability to receive one-on-one coaching. The coach and the individual are able to communicate directly with each other. The coach can also see the individual's profile and assign workouts and tasks based on the individual's health goals.


While putting efforts towards improving the health of individuals is important, getting results proving that people are getting healthier is vital. With Total Health Interactive, you can generate various real-time aggregate reports that show trends and the overall health improvement over time. Examples of aggregate reports that can be generated include:

  • Gender, time and team comparisons
  • User activity
  • Fitness challenge participation
Online Community
Engagement is rooted in two-way conversation and Total Health Interactive helps to do just that. A variety of tools are designed to connect individuals and build an online community that revolves around health and fitness for your organization or company. Some of the tools used to engage individuals in the online community include fitness challenges, fitness friends and accountability partners.
Direct Communication
From the get-go, individuals are sent informative and engaging emails that keep their health goals top of mind, encouraging them to log on.

System-Driven Emails:

  • Marketing - emails sent to those who have an account but have no logged in yet.
  • Fitness Reports - emails with a summary of the user's weekly fitness progress.
  • Inactivity - emails sent to users when they have not logged in for 11, 13 and 17 days.
  • Guidance - emails providing health guidance and a related health task.
  • Coaching Notifications - emails related to coach-assigned tasks.

Administrator-Driven Emails:

  • Quick Connect - send a quick message to all users at any time.
  • Newsletter - send scheduled messages to all users on a consistent basis.