Workplace Wellness Matters.
We know you are busy and require optimal impact for your investment. That's why Total Health Interactive focuses on wellness solutions that are easy to manage, effective and fun.

Your employees desire to live a healthier life. They need motivation to move, guidance to make healthier nutrition choices and a wellness program that fits seamlessly into their hectic lifestyle! THI is the answer.

Why THI?

Our experience developing innovative software solutions and our ability to be agile and react to client feedback has enabled us to design a platform that focuses on the key aspects of employee wellness.

We focus on Challenges. Run a single Challenge or become a Corporate Wellness client and receive 3 challenges/year!

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The Future of Fitness Challenges

We harness the power of activity tracking apps, wearable devices, online community and interactive competition to bring you the Future of Fitness Challenges.

Bring a Challenge to your Company or extend your brand by sponsoring a Challenge in your Community!

Choose from a variety of pre-packaged Challenges, customize your own Challenge experience or take it to the next level with a celebrity component!

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With unlimited Admin-Driven Challenges and up to 30 Featured Challenges!

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Corporate Wellness 365

You don't need a wellness specialist to run an impressive wellness program and bring the health of your company to a new level! Give your employees interactive health tools and a supportive online community year round! We make wellness accessible and affordable for every company.

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With a focus on challenges, we deliver:

  • Engagement of users
  • Personalized guidance
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Results
  • Team Building
  • Fun

How it Works

The following describes the typical interaction an employee would have with the wellness platform. While this is the suggested process, each step can be adjusted to meet your needs.

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