Productivity losses linked to employees who miss work can end up costing employers $1,685 per employee, each year.

CDC Centers for Desease Control and Prevention, 2015

Corporate 365: Turnkey Wellness

You don't need a wellness specialist to run an impressive wellness program and bring the health of your company to a new level! Give your employees interactive health tools and a supportive online community year round! We make wellness accessible and affordable for every company.

Corporate Wellness 365 includes:

  • Branded Wellness Portal
  • Basic Website
  • 3 Challenges per year with Digital Marketing Assets
  • 52 weeks of Health Guidance
  • Private Wellness Accounts for each Employee
  • Free Mobile App
  • Weekly Wellness Newsletter for your employees
  • Take A Tour

    Take A Tour

    Check out the Key Features of the platform including:

    • Nutrition Log & Guidance
    • Fitness Log & Guidance
    • Wellness Challenges
    • Wearable App & Device Integration
    • Mobile Access
    • Healthy Selfies
    • Weekly Newsletter
    • Incentives & Rewards
    • Online Community
    • Results Tracking
    • Admin Reporting
  • Nutrition Log & Guidance

    Nutrition Log & Guidance

    Employees can log their food intake and see a full calorie breakdown from day to day. Logging food intake is made easy with an extensive food library, as well as the ability to create custom meals. Healthy recipes and healthy eating resources also help employees to stay on the right track.

  • Fitness Log & Guidance

    Fitness Log & Guidance

    In addition to tracking food consumption, employees can track how many calories they burn each day by logging their physical activity. Total Health Interactive has a library of exercise videos available to demonstrate how to exercise properly and safely. Device/app integration makes it quick and easy for employees to log their exercise and nutrition.

  • Wellness Challenges

    Wellness Challenges

    Harness the power of activity tracking apps, wearable devices, online community and interactive competition to bring the future of fitness challenges to your company!

    • Provides powerful team building
    • Builds loyalty and rewards staff
    • Motivates staff with fun competition
    • Engages employees in a unique way
    • Improves the health of your workforce
    • Challenges include Turnkey and Custom options
    • Exclusive provider of The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge and The Dolvett Quince Corporate Challenge
  • Weekly Newsletter

    Weekly Newsletter

    From the get-go, employees are sent informative and engaging emails that keep their health goals top of mind, encouraging them to log on.

    System-Driven Emails:

    • Marketing - emails sent to those who have an account but have not logged in yet.
    • Fitness Reports - emails with a summary of the user's weekly fitness progress.
    • Inactivity - emails sent to users when they have not logged in for 11, 13 and 17 days.
    • Guidance - emails providing health guidance and a related health task.
    • Coaching Notifications - emails related to coach-assigned tasks.

    Administrator-Driven Emails:

    • Quick Connect - send a quick message to all employees at any time.
    • Newsletter - send scheduled messages to all employees on a consistent basis.
  • Wearable App & Device Integration

    Wearable App & Device Integration

    Total Health Interactive has the ability to sync with various activity devices including Fitbit and Polar Heart Rate Monitors, as well as the 1000's of devices/apps compatible with HealthKit and Google Fit. Verifiable data allows you to confidently reward your employees' healthy activity and health improvement. Device/app integration also makes it quick and easy for employees to log their exercise and nutrition.

  • Mobile Access

    Mobile Access

    Apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Sync from Apple HealthKit (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) and take your Challenges mobile! Access Challenge Activities, Guidance, Leaderboard and Comment Wall on your phone. Log your activity in seconds a day!

  • Results Tracking

    Results Tracking

    Data that the user logs and tracks in the personal wellness account is populated into a results section in order to track progress.

    Data that can be tracked includes:

    • Weight Change
    • Body Measurements
    • Physical Activity
    • Nutrition
    • Photo Logs
    • Devices
    • Assessments
  • Incentives & Rewards

    Incentives & Rewards

    The more employees log on and interact with the platform, the more they get rewarded with Health Reward Tokens. Tokens are collected over time and can be redeemed through the platform's online store. You can populate the store yourself, or utilize our featured fitness and meal plans.

  • Online Community

    Online Community

    Engagement is rooted in two-way conversation and Total Health Interactive helps to do just that. A variety of tools are designed to connect employees and build an online community for your workforce that revolves around health and fitness. Some of the tools used to engage employees in the online community include fitness challenges, fitness friends and accountability partners.

  • Admin Reporting

    Admin Reporting

    While putting efforts towards getting employees healthier is important, getting results proving that employees are improving their health is vital. You can generate various real-time aggregate reports that show trends and the overall improvement of your workforce's health over time. Examples of aggregate reports that can be generated include:

    • Gender, time and team comparisons
    • User activity
    • Fitness challenge participation

  • Healthy Selfies

    Healthy Selfies

    Healthy Selfies are a unique and exciting way to engage your employees and add a fun twist to a company Challenge:

    • Password protected Selfies
    • Customize themes and hashtags for each week of your Challenge
    • Ability to Like a Selfie
    • Ability to Comment on a Selfie
    • Receive Challenge points for posting a Selfie
    • Automated, customized point system

Wellness Your Way: Optional Services

Take your wellness experience to the next level with these additional customization options!

  • Fully Branded Wellness Website

    A professionally developed, customized website to highlight your company's Corporate Wellness program. Promote your latest Challenge and Annual Incentive Tracking Campaign. Includes online registrations and an easy to use content management system.

  • Custom Challenges

    Customize your challenge in virtually every way you can imagine by awarding your employees for the healthy habits you want to focus on! Incorporate offline activities, create fun mini-challenges against your executives and boost morale and engagement with Healthy Selfies!

    Customized Challenge Options Include:

    • Team or Individual Challenge
    • Challenge Guidance Content, including Videos
    • Variety of Challenge Logging Activities & Tasks
    • Bonus Point Options
    • Ability to give verified points for offline wellness activities
    • Healthy Selfies
  • Annual Incentive Tracking Campaigns

    Incentive tracking has never been easier! Incent, track and reward employees using our custom Incentive Tracking tools.

    • Administer points to a group of employees in a single step
    • Options to automate points for a variety of incentives
    • Employees can view Campaign details, point totals and details in their personal wellness account
  • One-on-One Health Coaching

    Employees may wish to receive additional guidance and support from a trained coach or personal trainer. Total Health Interactive gives employees the ability to receive one-on-one coaching. The coach and the employee are able to communicate directly with each other. The coach can also see the employee's profile and assign workouts and tasks based on the employee's health goals.

  • Employee Health Screenings

    These lifestyle assessments are administered to your employees to help determine risk factors or detect disease as early as possible. Our employee health screenings include:

    • Blood glucose levels.
    • Blood pressure and pulse rate analysis.
    • Cholesterol testing.
    • Vision screening.
    • Lung function tests.
    • ECG (to detect abnormal heart rhythms and investigate the cause of chest pains).
    • Height, weight and body mass index (BMI) tests.
    • Health and lifestyle interviews including discussion of family history of health issues.
  • Health Risk Assessment

    Give your employees the ability to evaluate their own health risks and quality of life with our health questionnaire.

  • Employee Surveys

    Create a customized survey / assessment / questionnaire for your employees within the wellness portal.

  • Personalized Programs