Extend your Brand with a Community Challenge

Why Sponsor a Community Challenge ?

Be a Wellness Champion in your community and extend your brand's reach across your local or national footprint!
  • Include access for all your employees in the Challenge with NO additional cost
  • Great PR for your company
  • Extends your brand throughout your Community
  • A discount code for a reduced price in the Challenge will be promoted throughout your Community via emails, posters, promotional cards and social media on behalf of your company
  • Easy to implement! We provide everything you need!
  • It's a fun way to impact the health of your community!
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Extend your Brand:

Sponsor a Challenge for your Community!

Be a Wellness Champion in your community and extend your brand's reach across your local footprint!
  • Includes all of your employees in the Challenge
  • Great PR for your company
  • Healthy Community initiative
  • We provide everything!
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Raise Money for your Organization or Local Charity!

Challenge your Community for a Cause! Community Challenges are a great way to fundraise or support a local charity.
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Generate Non-Dues Revenue for your Chamber of Commerce!

Community Challenges are a unique and easy way to generate new revenue for your Chamber. These wellness initiatives promote health through a fun, interactive competition, while generating PR and non-dues earnings for your organization!
  • Great PR for your organization
  • Generates New Revenue
  • New Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Easy implementation. We provide everything you need!
  • It's fun!
  • Improves the health of your community!
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Bring Dolvett Quince LIVE to launch your Challenge!

Here's your chance to really have some fun! Feature Dolvett Quince for a motivational Live Kickoff to launch your Challenge!
  • VIP Experience with Dolvett
  • Personal Training Experience with Dolvett
  • Q&A and motivational talk at Kickoff
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The information available to us was incredible. I know what to expect now and that will help to sell this next time.
I lost 15 lbs participating in the challenge
I am down 26 pounds since January and most it during the Challenge. I am exercising again and feeling much better and I have more energy.I am learning to pay attention to how foods make me feel and what works best for my body. Thank you for getting me moving.
Our company takes walks at lunch. Having a team in the challenge encouraged a few others to join the lunch time walk.
It got me motivated to move more. I even signed up at a local pool to swim after work. People say I have never looked better!
This has made me more conscious of what I eat daily. I have always loved walking.
I have started eating fruit as a snack instead of potato chips. I have learned to enjoy this snack even more than chips now.
I liked being able to log my food so I could immediately see what was in the meals I ate.
Feel great, on track, met my weight loss goal, will keep this going!!!!!
I liked being held accountable. Having to log my activities in motivated me to keep up a more active daily routine.
Nine pounds lost, consistent exercise habit, drinking the water I should be drinking, consistently eating fruits & veggies and JOURNALING. I feel proud of myself and my teammates.
The Challenge kept me countable for the 8 cups of water and eating the extra daily fruits and vegetables. Also it jump started my exercise plan that I will continue.
It was an all inclusive program.
I lost 25 lbs during the challenge, eliminated sugar and junk foods, and have been getting more exercise. I am glad that I still am able to log food and fitness using the BL app as it was key to me sticking with it. I plan on continuing to pursue additional weight log and better health! Thank you Biggest Loser!!
Lost 10 pounds
The support and advice that we had each week motivated me to stay on track. During the challenge I reached my 10% weight loss (18 pounds). It was great that others started to notice the change in my personal appearance as well as my self esteem. One of my friends described me as a new glowing person.
I took it seriously. From January 1 to the end of April I lost approximately 25 lbs. I have had some issues the last few weeks but I am still within 5 pounds of my goal of 199. This is the closest I have been in several years to be under 200. I have really enjoyed. Doing the challenge.
After being in a funk for several months, this challenge did help me break that cycle and get back on track with my healthy habits. I ended up losing 8lbs over the period of the challenge.
I appreciated the structure, guidance and the teamwork. The length of time allowed new habits to become entrenched.
I liked the ability to track my activity and food. Watching the wheel to keep me balanced.
I appreciated the sense of working as a team with coworkers. The nutrition journal was fantastic too.
What I like most is the idea that consistency can be rewarding
The journal was very important. Dolvett's exercise videos , looked easy (not)! They were great, quick workouts!
My total weight loss was 9 pounds, but the overall inches lost were just incredible!! I lost a total of 14 inches!! WOW!! Oh Happy Day! THANK YOU BIGGEST LOSER FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!!
Even though I did not reach my weight goal I made it half way, but this challenge has motivated me to continue my long term goal of fifty pounds by July. I had health obstacles during my challenge , taking medications that made me retain fluids. I have ended that medication so I am looking forward to see if the weight starts coming off again.
I have been able to resist many desserts and treats that have come my way. I also have been more mindful of working out. And I plan to continue with my plans to get in shape. Many of my coworkers have made comments on my progress.
I started eating healthier and exercising again in November 2015. When it was time for the Biggest Loser Challenge I had come to the point where I was getting bored with my routine. This challenge helped me to continue to lose weight and stay motivated. To date I have lost 65 pounds and I am only 20 away from my goal weight. I am training for my first half marathon in 6 weeks. The Biggest Loser Challenge definitely helped me stay motivated.
I weighed in around 225 lbs at the beginning of the Challenge. I now weigh 198 lbs after the challenge and I plan to keep on going strong till I can reach 180 lbs.
The program really made me realize how little fruits and veggies I eat on a regular basis. I thought I was a healthy eater and was greatly surprised at my actual consumption. The counting of fruit and veggie servings was an eye opener.
I liked the weekly suggestions and workouts provided.
I liked the Nutrition page. Once I determined the fat/carb/protein/calorie goal for my weight, the calculations were very helpful.
The daily and weekly goals kept me accountable and on my toes.
This challenge coincided with my quitting smoking and it helped me to lose some weight instead of gaining.
Pants that had become too tight now fit!
Yes, I met my goal weight and I'm feeling stronger and more confident.
The Challenge got employees talking and interacting more.
I lost a total of 11.2 pounds for the 8 weeks, not as much as I had hoped. But I do feel better and I noticed that my watch doesn't pinch my arm any more.
The best feeling is that I fit in booth at a restaurant. And I lost 15 lb. Cutting out soda completely and portion sizes.
My success story is that I continue to take the stairs with much eaze and am able to do my treadmill with the highest incline, I am eating more vegetable and fruits and continue even on the weekends.
I am happy to say that I lost 26 pounds and I feel great! And by losing the weight I feel very proud of myself and my family and friends are proud of me too.
Didn't reach goal weight but feel Good and feel I will keep weight off I did lose over 60 pounds
I have started a regular workout routine along with healthy eating habits.
I din't have much strength or endurance when I started. I could hardly do 1/2 mile on the elliptical or my strength exercises was a huge struggle. Now I can do 7 miles on the elliptical and follow with 45 mins of exercises with Kathy Smith and arms with Denis Austin :-)
I lost 25 lbs on this challenge. I hit my target.
I lost 12 lbs over the 8 week challenge and am fitter and feel better
I have dieted most of my life, and had been in a rut for sometime. This was a challenge that helped to motivate me and find new direction to proper eating and exercise. I was able to lose inches and lbs and hopefully have found a new way to continue with my weight loss with this program.
Did not meet my goal but really paid attention and brought awareness as to the food I eat and what calories/fat/carbs I am putting in my body
I enjoyed competing with co-workers; it was fun having that support.
I appreciated the camaraderie with the other participants and watching the Leaderboard
My teammates and I all lost weight and were motivated to walk and exercise every day.
I lost 18 pounds during this challenge and feel better than I have in a long time. I have more energy and drive. Now I can look forward to my first grandbaby in a few weeks...
I lost over 17 pounds durign the 8 week challenges. I love the way by body looks and fell great. I plan to continue eating healty and exercising
I liked the accountability of the challenge. I was able to set small goals for myself each day and work to achieve them throughout the challenge.
One of our team members did an awesome job and I'm very proud of her
Yes, I have learned how to manage what I eat and how much to eat great program
I lost 8 lbs over the course of the contest:)
It forces accountability and makes you consciously aware of making sure you hit your fitness and nutrition goals.
Over the past several years I have been moving away from what was a life time of a very active life. As I have been maturing I have dropped off many of my activities. This opportunity got me motivated to get back to a level that is comfortable for my age (64) and the time I have available to me in a very busy professional and personal life.
I am eating better and staying more active.
I lost 8 pounds woohoo
I only lost 2 lbs, but my eyes are open to a healthier lifestyle
I was able to get off my blood pressure medicine!!!
I was losing my motivation to stay active during the winter months and this challenge helped me to keep my fitness up so I'll be ready to go big this summer.
The Challenge helped me motivate myself!